About Us

Here at Charlotte Greaves Childcare, we have been established since 2015, and we have a huge amount of experience working with children, including children with learning difficulties and disabilities. We have a dedicated team of 4, all of whom have various backgrounds working in schools. Each of our team are mothers themselves, and we all appreciate parents’ views when it comes to caring for their children.

Providing Positive Experiences

When we’re taking care of children, we have two settings; one is a home setting and the other is the local village hall. We provide these environments because we believe that it is important for children to have various atmospheres and surroundings to settle in to. What’s more, we like to take the children out to enjoy practical activities, and utilising them as learning experiences. For example, instead of showing children a picture of an elephant, we’ll take them out to see one, and instead of teaching children how important it is to take care of their teeth, we’ll take them to visit the dentist. Carrying out real-world activities not only helps children to learn, but it also provides a boost in later life.

Tracking Progress

As childcare professionals, we know how important it is to track a child’s progress and milestones, which is why we use an online system called Baby’s Days. This system lets you update a child’s progress, the activities they’ve taken part in, and much more. When your child stays with us, you’ll gain your own private logins, where you’ll be able to easily access everything related to your child. Plus, you’ll be able to message our team should you need to.

Trained and Qualified

Our professional, reliable, and friendly team always ensure the safety of each and every child within our care. Our staff are DBS-checked, first-aid-certified, and individually signed off as ‘Good’ by Ofsted.

The Highest Standards

With younger children, we adhere strictly to the Early Years Foundations, so that children are hitting all of the right milestones in their education. What’s more, we’re also affiliated with Hatfield Peverel Infants and Juniors, for both after-school events and school holidays.

GET IN TOUCH with us, in Chelmsford, Essex, to enquire about our childcare services.